Bringing This Year’s Future Gold Film Fellowship Directors to 2022 Tribeca Festival

Earlier this year, Netflix, Gold House and Tribeca announced the three filmmakers selected for the Future Gold Film Fellowship, a new program designed to elevate three Asian and Pacific Islander directors through the production of their short films. 

This week, those three films – Closing Dynasty by Lloyd Lee Choi, Inheritance by Erin Lau, and The Resemblance by Derek Nguyen – will be showcased at the 2022 Tribeca Festival. Festival attendees will be able to view the films through the Tribeca Festival Press & Industry Library, and US audiences can access The Resemblance and Inheritance through the Tribeca at Home platform between June 9-June 26th.

Choi, Lau, and Nguyen directed these short films over the past few months with full production support and training from the Tribeca Studios team. All three filmmakers also received creative development feedback and mentorship from Netflix executives as well as established talent within the Gold House network, including Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning producer Janet Yang (The Joy Luck Club). 

In order to further bolster their network and industry connections, the trio have been invited to participate in the Tribeca Creators Market, an interdisciplinary industry pitch market for select emerging creators. Netflix and Gold House will also host an Tribeca Festival industry cocktail event featuring Choi, Lau, and Nguyen on June 16th. Additionally, the three directors have also been inducted into Gold House Futures, the premier collective of the most promising next-gen API creatives, founders, and social impact leaders.

As Choi, Lau and Nguyen prepare to bring their short films to the world, we want to spotlight their experiences in the program. Learn more about them and their short films below. Congratulations to these three talents!


Closing Dynasty by Lloyd Lee Choi

On a school day, a precocious seven year-old girl, Queenie, hustles and schemes ways to make money on the streets of New York City.

Inheritance by Erin Lau

While struggling to make ends meet as a photographer, Kelsey Akioka is forced to confront the pain his family has held onto for generations.

The Resemblance by Derek Nguyen

When a grieving couple go to a “rental family” agency to hire an actor to role-play their dead son, they discover that their evening of remembrance is more than they bargained for.

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