Pleasure [Movie Review]

Bella Cherry arrives in Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an adult film star, but she soon learns that fame won’t come easy as she harnesses her ambition and cunning to rise to the top of this mesmerizing and singular world.

In this film not only do you follow Bella Cherry’s (Sofia Kappel) journey, As well you notice how the porn industry works. As well as how these girls are sometimes treated and how if they don’t do what certain scenes require they can somewhat be blacklisted and never find another gig. It explores as well how this industry either makes you or breaks you to the limit of your emotions or makes you the star that you want to be. Having a major example with Ava (Evelyn Claire) and Joy (Zelda Morrison) that are part of her journey to becoming a star and how they are fully involved already in the Porn Industry and how they explain to her how the industry works.

This film takes its limits in all sense of the word. why? Just imagine how you as a director take your R rating to a limit that you as the audience are afraid to see this film in your living room. Because Ninja Thyberg uses the camera in very intricate ways to make sure you can get the whole experience of how the industry works and how hard it can be as well. As well as taking this film to a point where you can expand and show more detail how the Porn Industry is managed you see them setting up the scenes on how Bella Cherry and Bear (Chris Cook) are about to make a sex scene together.

Just imagine yourself watching a Sex scene but you are the one behind the camera or the one holding the boom mic. You as part of the staff get to see everything in action. Well, Ninja Thyberg made sure that you get to see the action in full but in a way that you don’t get the full experience of the sex scene like you would be watching on other websites. Here you only get a tease of the action but occasionally there are some scenes where you get plenty of detail on what is going down and you get a certain shock about these scenes.

Ninja Thyberg uses very interesting cinematography with many different styles, especially some of them which remind me of the Euphoria HBO series. In many ways that she Directed this film took sex scenes to another Level Imagine once again more in detail, Bella Cherry is about to do a scene where she needs to start doing an action with Bear, She is on her knees and Ninja goes ahead and aims the camera as a full shot where you as the audience can see the movement and as well Bears reactions. Then she goes ahead and changed the angle to a POV (Point Of View) shot where you are Bear and you see Bella in movement but not seeing the full action in the scene.

For these reasons, Ninja Thyberg took a lot of risks filming this film. Having a chance to just show us how explicit the Porn Industry she just gave us a very big simple taste of how these scenes are made and what we can expect in how these porn films are made. Ninja wanted you as the audience to get a certain type of experience throughout the film.

One of the main highlights of this film is the cast they all did an amazing job bringing these characters to life and making sure that every second of the film you will enjoy, Sofia Kappel (Bella Cherry) was the main attention of the film, She did an outstanding job bringing her character to life as well on the scenes that I feel that were very complex in the context of the scene. Not only did she brings this film to life with a full-blown cast of different actors that are from the Porn industry like Zelda Morrison (Joy), Evelyn Claire (Ava), Chris Cock (Bear), Dana DeArmond (Ashley), and Kendra Spade (Kimberly) they all became part of Sofia Kappel’s supporting role in this film.

This cast did such an amazing job throughout the film that even got surprised that they are all from the Porn Industry to the big screen. Seeing how they support Sofia Kappel (Bella Cherry) in the film is very interesting on how Ninja directed these other characters in a way that you as the audience can’t tell that they are as well Porn Stars. This tells us that with the good direction you can bring the potential of any person to bring a great performance to a film.

This is an open diary on how the Porn industry works and Ninja showed us the nit and gritty of how things work in some of these agencies and or companies. This film is not only about Porn, It follows how many girls make so many sacrifices to make it to the top of this industry and then notice that having everything is having nothing. Why? Because of everything that they sacrifice let it be friendship, family, relationships, and many other things that can affect their personal life as well as their well-being.

Following Bella Cherry (Sofia Kappel) and Joy (Zelda Morrison) in their journey on how to get more scenes and more jobs how they have to as well have followers and make ends meet if they don’t get a booking. This is a well-presented journey and story to show the audience that is not always as pretty as pink this industry is not easy as it looks like is not only signing a paper and liking to have sexual intercourse this is more than that if you wanna survive.

This film will make you see how sometimes we can admire what we see and enjoy what other websites bring to us. But there is much more behind the curtain of these girls and their journey on their actions to make it in the Porn industry as well as knowing what some of these girls went through to make it. As well as seeing how certain decisions can either change you or create a new you.

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