The Bob’s Burgers Movie [Movie Review]

The Belchers try to save the restaurant from closing as a sinkhole forms in front of it, while the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family’s restaurant.

The Bob’s Burger Movie is a fun ride for a new audience and as well for the fans. Laughing from the start to the end plus having such a simple story and as well a great experience while watching this film with a lot of fun plus with a new character in the mix.

This film tells a simple plotline that we have seen before from the Belcher family they are about to lose their business because of not making Loan Payments plus adding a little more to the plot with the opening scene that when it should be a simple serious opening you can get a small smirk with how it was executed.

Having the same type of animation from there shows this film still brings a couple of elements that bring to life more from the film in the animation factor. You will notice there are some 3-D elements that bring a little more to the film and vivid for the audience.

As well this film is not only for the big fans of this show it can as well make sure that audiences that are not used to watching this show or have never been interested can make them change their mind to watch this series, With many great thriller rides.

As someone in the audience that doesn’t watch the show, I was enjoying the whole film with not having that much knowledge of the mentions or back story for some of the Characters in the film plus as well there slang.

One things that was very highlighted is the musical pieces. They were very clever musical number and funny as well that one would even sing along even with one of the last ones it had so much Dr.Evil vibes.

Plus the film brings a lot to the table regarding many things that happen to everyone in the day to day. Moments of Frustration and lost of hope as well how to always find a way to reach your goals.

Plus the themes of certain characters that add more to their backstory or if your new to Bob’s Burger it might add your interest to see their show.

Bob’s Burgers The Movie is a Family Friendly film as well it a film for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Bring more to the show and not only you will laugh from beginning to end. You will be satisfied for being part of this experience.

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