KING RICHARD [Movie Review]

A look at how tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams became who they are after the coaching from their father Richard Williams.

King Richard is a film that should be considered for an Oscar nomination. This film is breathtaking and brings an amazing story to the big and small screen with an amazing performance of all the cast members and as well by will smith.

This film touches not only the story of the Williams family it makes touches on social issues that were happening in that moment and time. A time where police brutality was in a dozen and racism was a major issue and the gang life. In the film, there are moments in scenes where the dialogue is crude and you can feel their pain.

This film has an amazing location and as well the scenes that you can enjoy fully because the way that they showed us the way of the sport of tennis was amazing. Plus the way how some scenes have an amazing touch with the tennis matches where you enjoy the game in a cinematic sense.

The performance of the cast was amazing the girls stole the film and did an amazing job in bringing life to these two characters. But the most amazing performance is for Will Smith he brought Richard Williams to life in a way that you think that he is the actual father. I actually think that Will should have the Oscar Nomination for his performance in this film.

This film takes you to this story and not only makes you see and understand Williams’s family story. It shows you a lot of values like responsibility and self-love, working hard and never judging a book by its cover and especially family.

King Richard is a film that brings a story that not only is amazing but its a touch of empowerment to show us that everything is possible and that if you fight for it you can make it. As well this film brings so much to the table that is a must-watch film.

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