MAX PAYNE [Movie Review]

A DEA agent whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy, and an assassin out to avenge her sister’s death, join forces to solve a series of murders in New York City.

Having a good cast and having a very linear storyline where you could’ve to take this story as a Crime/Thriller.

What they do here is mortal destruction in the story that the Video Game Has. They focused so much on the lore of the drug and what does to that small percentage of people that go crazy and see these mythical creatures.

When you see that the story is more about Max Payne and how he wants to bring down the organization behind Valkyrie and he had a cathartic moment from his family passing away.

When in this film Max Payne is a deadbeat cop trying to find the thugs that killed his wife and kids. They make his character from being a strong character to a wiped-out character. 

The performance of all these actors was ok and you can tell that they maybe didn’t Enjoy making this film. A lot of bad script and dialogue and scenes that don’t make sense. 

In all, there are great amazing action set pieces that are a great addition to the film and as well that some scenes where Max Payne sees his wife and has a very slight cathartic moment there. 

This film doesn’t work as a good adaptation for the Video Game Max Payne. Having a linear storyline to making a film that looks rushed and makes no sense at all.


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