GLOW Season 2 Series Review

The Plot

A look at the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organization in Los Angeles.


The Good

  • More back story to other characters in the series
  • Many plot twist
  • creativity to the finest
  • episodes were all amazing


The Bad

  • Some Actresses Performance could have been better
  • Not many episodes


Final Verdict

Glow season two was a fun amazing ride. I can’t say that this season was not fun love how they added more back story to some of the characters and to there personal lives plus the fact that we see more vulnerable moments from some of our favorite characters and see what more they can add to there story.

This season was very creative specially in Episode 8 where you see how they turn a whole episode in an Epic crazy and fun show with music and great wrestling. In fact that you have fun seeing your favorite characters smiling and just having a great time is like you feel that you are part of the episode.

Plus that in this season we see more about our character and see what this show has added to there lives and how it changed them in the long run. One of the things that caught my eye in this season is how creative they got in every episode. This showed me that Hollywood in there movies they are not trying that hard.

Glow Season 2 is a Surprise and and amazing Fun Ride fully recommend this series. This is one of the most amazing series Netflix has besides Stranger Things. Glow is a refreshing take on a great story line and creativity.

Final Score


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