Moana Late Movie Review

Moana a new disney film that touched many pepoles hearts. I really love this film is fun to watch and a great ride of emotional moments. Moana shows us to never give up and to never show weakness and to follow your dreams.

One of the things that i really love about this film is the CGI. Like look at the water it looks amazing plus the story is very different from many other disney films. I really love the music in the film and how they build up every character in the story.

The preformance of the whole cast was outstanding from start to finish this film was fun and a great ride to see how things build up and specially it talks about how mother nature we should take care of it and family always matters. So many things we can learn from this film.

But let me say that my favorite character in this film is Hei Hei the chicken. I say that he is my spirit animal in this film. Out in all Moana was fun to watch and a great ride.

I Rate Moana a 9/10

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