Picando Alante [Movie Review]

Hoping to solve their financial crisis, Marysol and her family start growing cannabis. The adventure could bring them closer, or be their demise. Picando Alante is a film that has everything you want plus a very interesting thing in the end where keeps you thinking is there gonna be more or it ends here? This film has a slow pacing at first but when everything … Continue reading Picando Alante [Movie Review]

Simulacros De Liberación [Movie Review]

In the wake of climate change, a new social movement emerges in Puerto Rico to protest austerity measures imposed by US colonial forces. Simulacros de liberación what an amazing documentary about the movements that took place here in my island of Puerto Rico. Where we as people have been fighting for so long with an economic crisis, budget cuts, hurricane and corruption in the government … Continue reading Simulacros De Liberación [Movie Review]