“Starring Jerry as Himself” – Review (Slamdance 2023)

“A family documents how their immigrant father Jerry, a recently divorced and retired Florida man, was recruited by the Chinese police to be an undercover agent, only to discover a darker truth.” I don’t usually look for documentaries when I’m on my off time. This is kind of silly to admit but every documentary that I watched is so devastating personally, regardless of how good … Continue reading “Starring Jerry as Himself” – Review (Slamdance 2023)

‘La Pecera’ Review: A Lyrical Exploration of Decay (Sundance 2023)

How do you navigate life when you know you’ll depart it very soon? Do you make amends? Do you atone? Do you make your last memories meaningful and impactful? Do you just wither away? Glorimar Marrero Sánchez ópera prima La Pecera introduces all these questions into the film but never gives you a simple answer. La Pecera (The Fishbowl, in its English title) follows Noelia … Continue reading ‘La Pecera’ Review: A Lyrical Exploration of Decay (Sundance 2023)

Fantasy Football – Review

I remember when I was a kid and the one thing that thrilled me was watching those original Disney Channel movies. You know, like “The Thirteenth Year”, the one about the merman or my favorite at the time “The Luck of the Irish”, the basketball-playin’ leprechaun. Movies that just were as silly as humanly possible with none of the stigmas of a real movie so to speak. You just pressed “play” and your brain became a pulsating mush, leaving behind all rational thoughts. A sugar rush. That was my mindset. Continue reading Fantasy Football – Review