Fantasy Football – Review

I remember when I was a kid and the one thing that thrilled me was watching those original Disney Channel movies. You know, like “The Thirteenth Year”, the one about the merman or my favorite at the time “The Luck of the Irish”, the basketball-playin’ leprechaun. Movies that just were as silly as humanly possible with none of the stigmas of a real movie so to speak. You just pressed “play” and your brain became a pulsating mush, leaving behind all rational thoughts. A sugar rush. That was my mindset. Continue reading Fantasy Football – Review

‘Unidentified Objects’ Review: A Surrealist Character Space Journey (Fantastic Fest 2022)

“Do you ever wake up from a dream and it’s like you’re still dreaming?” That question suffused Colombian filmmaker Juan Felipe Zuleta’s debut feature, Unidentified Objects. It haunts the viewer into a false sense of security, questioning their own experiences and purpose on this earth. Unidentified Objects stars Peter Hobbes (Matthew August Jeffers) and Sarah Hay (Winona Jordan) as two strangers who discover something about themselves across a … Continue reading ‘Unidentified Objects’ Review: A Surrealist Character Space Journey (Fantastic Fest 2022)