Welcome to Reel In Films:

Here we are going to keep updated with the most Recent Movie/Series Reviews and as well here you can listen to both podcasts that we produce.

One of them is called Cine Mas Podcast (Spanish Podcast). Here where Alejandro Orengo talks about Festival Films and as well analyzes films with many guests.

The Other One is Called Subtitles Required where John D. Ramos and Alejandro Orengo talk about Foreign Films and we analyze and talk about each Film.

Come join our Movie Reel and enjoy the Ride.

John D. Ramos Jr.

Streamer and Passionate Film Critic from Puerto Rico.

I dabble in all types of films from A24 to High Budget and love to see what many directors want to show us on the small and big screens.

Alejandro D. Orengo

Puertorican-based filmmaker and film critic and creator of Cine Más Podcast.

I ramble on and on about art house cinema and indie flicks, my friends and colleagues say it’s my secret superpower.