Japanese Series ‘The Queen of Villains’ Main Cast Announcement

Netflix today announced the casting of the starring role in the new series The Queen of Villains, which tells the unknown story of Dump Matsumoto, a professional wrestler who spurred the women’s professional wrestling boom with her cult-like popularity and took Japan by storm in the 1980s. Popular Japanese comedian Yuriyan Retriever will star in the titular role, which is set for release in 2023.

  • Popular comedian Yuriyan Retriever is set to star in the titular role of Dump Matsumoto, who spurred the women’s pro wrestling boom of the 1980s and was feared as the “strongest ‘heel’ (villain) in women’s pro wrestling history.”
  • Over one year, Yuriyan Retriever will train under former star pro wrestler Chigusa Nagayo to prepare for the role of a pro wrestler. 
  • Written and produced by Osamu Suzuki, he will team up with director Kazuya Shiraishi for this unique project.

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