Accademia Del Cinema Italiano – David Di Donatello Awards and Netflix Announce the Names of the Becoming Maestre Four Emerging Female Professionals Getting a Job Placement Offer on a Netflix Italian Production

The first edition of the mentoring and access-to-work initiative dedicated to female talent in cinema and series and supported by the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity ends successfully

A second edition is confirmed

Rome, June 23, 2022 – Accademia del Cinema Italiano – David di Donatello Awards and Netflix announced the names of the four young female professionals who took part in the first edition of Becoming Maestre and who will receive a job offer as assistants on an Italian film or TV series in which Netflix is ​​involved. They are: Emma Gasparini Papotti  (directing), Elisabetta Giannini (editing), Provvidenza Tesauro (Sound) e Martina Zerpelloni (cinematography). 

The final selection was announced during the closing event of the first edition of Becoming Maestre, and comes at the end of a six-month long journey of mentorship and high-level meetings.

During the program, the twenty-four female aspiring directors, director of photography, editors, sound editors and/or re-recording mixers had the chance to take part in several individual tutoring sessions and group tutoring workshops with the mentors of their categories: Francesca Comencini and Ivan Cotroneo for direction; Daria D’Antonio and Luca Bigazzi for direction of photography; Esmeralda Calabria and Walter Fasano for Editing; Daniela Bassani and Francesco Tumminello for Sound. 

They also took part in collective masterclasses where they had the opportunity to listen and interact with important personalities of the Italian audiovisual industry such as Sara Casani, Francesca Cima, Daniele Ciprí, Mauro Eusepi, Laura Paolucci, Viola Prestieri, Tiziano Grasso, Laura Muccino, Alessia Petitto, Paola Randi, Matteo Rovere, Maria Sole Tognazzi e Alice Urciolo, and with big international names such as Mariela Comitini, first assistant director for tick, tick … BOOM !; Nina Hartstone, Oscar-winning sound editor for Bohemian Rapsody; Suzanne Mackie, executive producer of The Crown; Camilla Toniolo, editor nominated for an Emmy Award for the TV miniseries Mildred Pierce.

Finally, they were able to refine complementary but important skills, such as how to present a project or how better manage collaborations and teamwork, through coaching sessions under the guidance of Donatella Colantoni.

Emma Gasparini Papotti (director): I am very happy, I thank Ivan Cotroneo and Francesca Comencini, my mentors, for the great love with which they followed us. A project like Becoming Maestre is needed to support all the girls who start a path in this profession and don’t know whether to do it for real, or who to ask and who to turn to. Throughout this program, we have been able to ask many questions and receive the answers we were looking for.

Elisabetta Giannini (editor): I’m really happy. Becoming Maestre was a journey that not only introduced me to professionals who helped me grow from a working point of view, it also allowed me to meet some fantastic girls with whom I shared this wonderful experience and with whom I hope to share my future path.

Provvidenza Tesauro (suono): Becoming Maestre is the construction of a universe where we have suddenly become aware of ourselves as women and professionals. I met girls who have become part not only of a journey, but of a piece of life. With some of them, we have already started collaborating on small projects and creating new ones. I am immensely grateful to the mentors Daniela Bassani and Francesco Tumminello, because they taught me to understand the true value of what we do through our art, which is not just mere technique but is a combination of passion, respect, friendship, professionalism, and listening . Thanks to the Accademia del David, to Netflix and again to the mentors for the great trust placed in me. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Dreams come true.

Martina Zerpelloni (Direction of Photography): I would like to thank Accademia del Cinema and Netflix for the Becoming Maestre initiative and for the great opportunity given by this award. It was a path that helped me a lot to be confident about the path to take and to create important relationships. Thanks to Daria and Luca, precious mentors, who have followed us in this program by opening up with us with great generosity. A big thank you goes to all the girls of Becoming Maestre, who have been very special companions with whom creative relationships are already developing. In general I feel that it is a victory for all of us, from now on we can only grow together.

Developed as part of the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, Becoming Maestre is the first high-level mentoring and access to work initiative for a new generation of female talent in cinema and series in Italy. Becoming Maestre is confirmed for a second edition, with news and details to be unveiled shortly.

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