The Lake [Series Review]

Justin returns from living abroad in the hope of reconnecting with the biological daughter that he gave up for adoption. His plans go awry when he finds out his father left the family cottage to his stepsister.

In The Lake, we follow Justin (Jordan Gavaris) and Billie (Madison Shamoun) who from coming back to living abroad want to reconnect with their biological daughter. Then Justin sees his stepsister Maisy-May (Julia Stiles) and figures out that his father left the family a cottage and he changes his plans to get his family’s cottage back from his step-sister.

Having this plot that is like family versus family where you expect that this will be a full Comedy series. Having a trailer that does sell you this series to be a type of Parent Trap (1998) where you have the trade of twin sisters and making sure that their parents get together and make jokes, pranks, and much more to make sure their father not fall in love and get back with their mother that is what you expect when you see The Lake trailer.

Why the comparison with The Parent Trap (1998) because the trailer gives you those vibes that the series is going to be full of funny gags, Pranks, Jokes, and much more and that is not what we get when you see the series. If they would’ve done what The Parent Trap did this series would have been better as well keeping all the issues that they presented in the plot with some characters they just had to have the comedy and drama a balance.

Having a different approach when you see the series you will notice that it has many things in the mix in regards to the plotline and as well where they want to take the story moving forward. Still having the comedy aspect but not being the main focus of the series you can still enjoy many characters and moments that this series has to bring. Plus many funny gags and some characters that are very memorable that you will not forget as soon as the series end.

This series wants to bring many different messages from Adoption, Gender Discrimination, Family Refusal, and Deception. Having many plot points throughout the series it gets pretty convoluted when you have so many issues trying to be presented and not given a full treatment inside the story. Something that happens a little too often when you don’t have the main goal for your main plot point and when you try to solve everything with a simple task inside some of the episodes.

Even thou the main plotline has been resolved many of the topics that I mentioned are just solved with simple cathartic moments when they could’ve been better explored as well as giving a better treatment due to being topics that could’ve been great for the audience and families. For example, when they present the issue of Gender Discrimination they could’ve added more detail of the why? and show us a proper way to show us and have a better way to have it solved inside the characters involved.

The cast of The Lake si amazing and great the cast members that help out with Justin (Jordan Gavaris) and Billie (Madison Shamoun). Some of these characters give them a big spotlight as well for themselves like Opal Lin (Declan Whaley) stealing the show every moment the camera is in front of him. As well Riley’s (Travis Nelson) character is one to love as well as the full comedic relief inside the series that from start to finish you will love him. These characters are the ones that gave a full highlight to our main characters in supporting them throughout the series.

Still, Madison Shamoun (Billie) is the one that we should be talking about she is the heart of this series’ main plot point and her performance is top-notch in the series. Her chemistry with everyone in the show was something that keeps you seeing the series as well she makes sure that she gets the attention she deserves in the series she is an actress too and is looking forward to more projects.

The Lake is a good summer series where you can have fun and enjoy it. Brings to the table great topics to have conversations about them especially because they are topics that are from our generation. As well you can enjoy the comedy and have good moments where your funny bone will break because of the moment with the characters. This is a popcorn series where you can just sit down relax with your family and just enjoy the show. The Lake could have been a bigger broader series with the topics that were brought to the table and have everyone talking about it and it would’ve been something more than just a Comedy Drama series.

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