Lightyear [Movie Review]

The story of Buzz Lightyear and his adventures to infinity and beyond.

Lightyear the film that presented Andy to Buzz and made him his favorite toy. This film start with a little nostalgia made well because it wasn’t the main idea but having those little words to remind us was very touching for the Toy Story fans.

This film is not what you expect it to be one has this mentality that it will be just another Pixar kids film. But this one felt more as what Soul brought to the table a mixture of so many feelings and enjoyments that you can have.

Lightyear is heartwarming, Sad, Adventurous and action packed. So many characters that have their own stories and each one of them have there cathartic moments and as well heroic. Plus a special character that you will love from beginning to the end.

This is a Heroes Journey that comes with a certain price. Why? In this film we see Buzz trying to complete the mission but while trying to complete his mission it has caused him a toll in his life and friends. Not only that is his journey to find a way to understand that he is not alone.

The film has a balance of Action, Drama and comedy that blend in very well specially with all the Star Wars References and easter eggs of other Pixar films. Plus the other star from this film Sox the cat that brings joy and fun throughout the film.

As well you will enjoy the scenery and the gorgeous animation that Lightyear has to bring. It’s like my friend Lex mentioned “Andy saw this in 1995”. Lightyear brings a lot to the big screen and it’s a film that you don’t expect.

This film not only brings the great story their is an interesting twist that you won’t expect it. When you see it you will be surprised on how they made it happen and its an amazing twist.

The cast is amazing bringing these characters to life even Chris Evans being Buzz Lightyear you feel no difference between him and Tim Allen. Plus Sox Peter Shon amazing great work and the rest of the cast that was out of this world.

Lightyear is the Animated Film of the Year. Having amazing Action set pieces great storyline and fun for all the family. This film is a Must watch and in repeat because it will take you Too Infinity and Beyond.

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