Shondaland and Netflix Establish Two New Programs, the Producers Inclusion Initiative and the Ladder

Los Angeles, CA – May 26, 2022 – As part of their previously announced commitment to expanding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) initiatives and opportunities, Shondaland today announced two new programs that they will be launching in partnership with Netflix.  These programs aim to create change in the film and television industry domestically and internationally by expanding the pipeline for below-the-line talent. The Producers Inclusion Initiative and The Ladder are unprecedented and will continue the Shondaland legacy of championing underrepresented voices both in front of and behind the camera. 

The Producers Inclusion Initiative:

  • The virtual program is slated for 9-weeks and will train Indie Producers, Unit Production Managers, Supervisors, and 1st Assistant Directors who come from historically underrepresented communities (including Black, Indigenous, and people of color, people with disabilities) as Line Producers within the studio system. 
  • The program will expand the talent pool of Line Producers by injecting the mainstream marketplace with these qualified candidates. 
  • The shared experience of discussing and exploring the workflow and culture of Shondaland and Netflix will provide program participants an opportunity to listen and learn from in-house executives and key production department heads from both companies as well as other industry leaders. 
  • Monthly stipends will be given to all program participants and upon completion, graduates will connect with production executives at Netflix, Shondaland, and other industry affiliates to explore potential employment and/or additional career development opportunities.

The Ladder:

  • This program was specifically designed to provide an opportunity for individuals from underrepresented groups (including Black, Indigenous, and people of color, people with disabilities)  to gain the necessary onset experience and training required to succeed in the film and television industry. 
  • The program will start in the United Kingdom with currentShondaland productions for Netflix.
  • Trainees will be placed in production and technical roles on Shondaland shows across multiple departments, including Production, Locations, Assistant Directors, SFX, Costume, Hair/Makeup Camera, Electric, Art Department Stunts, Sound, Finance, and more. 
  • Trainees will receive hands-on experience monitored by their Heads of Departments who will be able to also give them regular feedback along with Shondaland and Netflix’s production and Human Resources. 
  • After completing the program, trainees will be eligible for future employment consideration on Shondaland and Netflix productions.

These partnerships are supported in part by Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity, an effort to help create more behind-the-camera opportunities for underrepresented communities within the TV and film industries.


“At our core, Shondaland is a company dedicated to championing opportunities for underrepresented communities both on and off the screen. We have made incredible strides with ensuring women are represented in our productions and I’m excited to expand our efforts and see real results with all marginalized groups. Our partnership with Netflix has allowed us to create these two new incredible programs that have already led to palpable changes in our industry. I am extremely proud to be a part of history as we look forward to greater representation on set.”  


“At Netflix, we are passionate about highlighting a variety of stories from different backgrounds and perspectives. From ideation to inception, we are thrilled to bring these two initiatives to life with Shondaland – a partner that has the same commitment and desire to impart change within the entertainment industry.”

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