Halo [Series Review]

Aliens threaten human existence in an epic 26th-century showdown. TV series based on the video game ‘Halo.’

Halo a series based on one of the most popular Sci-Fi first person shooter from Microsoft. Where we follow the spartan John Master Chief in the quest of finding a Keystone.

This series wasn’t what some fans were looking for in regards to a Halo series. There is so much that one can say that didn’t work in the show starting with to many plot-lines that have no ending or that don’t mix with the main character.

Where you notice that this series wasn’t made to highlight how big and interesting the Halo franchise is and how great the story is of John Master Chief. This story was created as an Origin of John “Master Chief”.

This series has so many issues not even in the plot but in certain parts the CGI was not the best and it’s confusing because of the mayor Budget that this series had.

Halo series has a main plot line that could’ve worked if it was presented differently. If you would’ve maintain the essence and composure of the characters like Master Chief, Cortana, Hallsy and other. That you changed them from there lore composition.

Giving John Humanity was one of many things that didn’t work equally like Kwan and Sorens plot line it was a story with no end game. There was more character development with Kai in the whole series.

Plus many unnecessary scenes that could’ve either been better or just eliminate them. Why? We don’t need to see Chief in civilian clothes nor nude nor without the armor and i can keep going and let’s not start with the sex scene.

Halo Series is and Origin Story that we didn’t need. This story could’ve been better and more linear to drive new people in the fandom. Halo is just splashes for the fans and the rest is just there.

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