Amsterdam, May 19, 2022 – Production has commenced in Belgium on Netflix’s new psychological thriller Noise. The Belgian-Dutch film is written by Robin Kerremans, Hasse Steenssens and Steffen Geypens. The cast includes Ward Kerremans, Johan Leysen, Sallie Harmsen and Jesse Mensah. Steffen Geypens will also direct the film.

The film tells the story of Matt, an influencer and young parent to newborn Julius, who discovers a dark secret from his dementing father’s past. He starts an in-depth investigation, which consequently opens a Pandora’s box of secrets and unravels more family dramas than anticipated. Matt’s wife, Liv, is deeply concerned and will do everything in her power not to lose him, but is it too late..?

“Thanks to a smooth collaboration with the artistic team, Caviar and Netflix, the script evolved into the psychological thriller before us. Matt has a lot going on in his personal life when he discovers a grand secret about his father’s past. Matt is a fascinating and challenging character, which allows me to approach the role in a unique way. I’m looking forward to filming Noise with the team attached,” said Ward Kerremans. 

Janey van Ierland, Director of Content Acquisitions at Netflix: “When I read the script for Noise, I was immediately hooked. We are excited about our collaboration with Caviar and can’t wait for our members to enjoy this thrilling film on Netflix.” 

Noise is produced by Caviar in collaboration with Lompvis, with the support of Screen Flanders and Caviar Film Financing. The film is expected to launch globally on Netflix in 2023.

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