truTV Greenlights “Semi Pro,” a New Reality Series

truTV Drafts the Funniest Athletes in Semi-Professional Football for All-New Reality Series “Semi Pro,” Where Gridiron Dreams Never Die 

semi pro
New York Predators 
semi pro
New Jersey Stags

LOS ANGELES (May 18, 2022) – truTV, a Warner Bros. Discovery brand, has greenlit ten half-hour episodes of “Semi Pro,” a new formatted reality sitcom from “Jersey Shore” creator SallyAnn Salsano that shines a bright stadium light on the biggest, loudest, most hilarious characters in semi-pro football and brings this gridiron glory to cable. 
“Semi Pro” follows New York and New Jersey’s most passionate semi-professional football teams as they try (and oh, man, do they try) to chase their dreams while juggling their grown-up responsibilities that get in the way of defeating their rivals. But not even jobs, aching bodies, or the women in their lives can keep these guys off the field. Whether they are suiting up for their 34th season or their rookie year, they put in their blood, sweat, and even some tears into every game.  On the field, it is all business, but as soon as the game ends (and maybe even a little before), the drinks and laughs are always flowing. It’s a brotherhood and sometimes a beautiful disaster. 
The series showcases the following teams:

  • Brooklyn Seminoles– Returning champs, the Seminoles, are the team to beat this season. Every other team resents their trash talking, propensity for homemade alcoholic “rumble juice,” and outrageous touchdown celebrations. But until they knock them off the perch, there’s nothing the rest of the league can do.
  • New York Predators– Win or lose the Predators are a family that’s ALWAYS at each others’ throats. If their beloved head coach isn’t screaming at the top of his lungs, he is in tears bursting with pride for his team.
  • New Jersey Sharks– With military like grit and determination, the Sharks are the well-oiled machine of the league… and the Seminoles’ biggest threat.  
  • New Jersey Stags– The youngest and perhaps the most athletic team, the Stags are ready to knock heads with the old guard on the field with the help of their coach Oren Wilson, retired NFL Giants Player. 
  • The New York Patriots- This young and intense team from the Boogie Down Bronx lives their life on the road. With no home field and a Quarterback the size of most offensive linemen, they travel to any stadium to inflict their patented “Patriot Pain”.
  • The Tri-State Steelers- Despite the Steelers’ “revolving door” roster, and a coach rumored to have faked a heart attack to stop the clock, they’re league spoilers who are a threat every time they step on the field.

“Semi Pro” is executive produced by SallyAnn Salsano and Dave Hamilton for 495 Productions, along with Mike Gross who also serves as showrunner. 

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