Troppo [Series Review]

Ex-cop Ted Conkaffey is falsely accused of a disturbing crime. He escapes to the tropics of Far North Queensland and becomes entangled with a newly formed private investigation agency.

Troppo a new series coming for the streaming service Freevee. Where it takes place in Australia North Queensland in a very interesting take and story to keep your crime thriller going.

This serie is a very intriguing plot where you as the audience starts thinking what is going on here? Where from the start to finish if you aren’t paying attention you will be kinda lost. But in a good way.

It makes it very interesting on how they keep the mayor plot-line secret intact for so long throughout each episode. Specially that when you finish an episode you wanna jump to the next one and solve the crime.

Seeing Thomas Jane and Nicole Chamoun in this series was a hell of a casting as well the cast was amazing. But these two have an interesting chemistry that you wanna keep seeing them in the screen.

The way they swivel with the camera in certain scenes and makes the series feel like a film is a mayor plus. Specially when they type of directions they took the show making you think twice and three times who is the criminal.

Troppo is a ride that you don’t wanna end there are times that you wanna stop but when you get there you just wanna continue. Amazing story telling and as well a must watch experience.


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