‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Review: A Nostalgia, Easter-Egg, Cameo Filled Extravaganza With Something To Say

Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers has their cake and eats it too by brining a gazillion Easter eggs and references while also providing a heartfelt tale of friendship and regret.

Disney+ newest film Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers reunites our titular heroes Chip and Dale after 30 years since they aired their original TV show. Chip is working a day job and Chip is doing everything he can to stay relevant. Everything changes when they have to save a mutual friend from imminent danger.

It’s very curious trying to review this film without going too much into detail regarding the plot and much less the exorbitant amount of Easter eggs, references and cameos this film throws at you every 5 seconds. But there’s still things to be discussed regarding the character arcs, the themes and the messages the film is trying to convey. I’m a perfect example of a general audience going blindly into this film since I never grew up watching Chip ‘n Dale back in the late 80s. So I’m observing this more for the story structure, how their story propels and how it lands in its execution. In that regard, the film succeeds, giving us a story that’s familiar but also approachable no matter what you saw growing up. Because it’s not only a celebration of the icons Chip and Dale, it’s a celebration of EVERYTHING you grew up watching. And I’m not joking when I say EVERYTHING either. This film is baffling in terms of what it got away with, reference wise.

FOR THE FULL REVIEW HEAD TO: https://www.thenerdybasement.com/movies/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-review/


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