A love triangle further shakes the hearts of two men and a woman in this dramatic reality series: ‘The Future Diary’ Season 2 with the theme song by Yuzu

One is unrefined yet gives his all, while another is stylish and fun like a friend. Who would you choose?

Based on a “mysterious love diary that tells the future,” a man and woman experience an unusual and dramatic romance, including an unbelievable meeting and a touching confession of love. Will they really fall in love? Season 2 of the romance reality series The Future Diary is set for worldwide release, only on Netflix!

Season 2 will star three people. Forced to make the ultimate choice between friendship and love, what decision will they make? Season 1 of this series captured the hearts of viewers as they watched a man and woman go through the ups and downs of the diary while the couple developed real feelings for one another. In Season 2, a love triangle is introduced to further amp up the drama. “The two of them were led by the light and each met their soulmate.” Akimitsu Sumimoto, a 24-year old bartender living in Tokyo, receives this diary. At a romantic bamboo forest, he meets Moka Nozoe, a 23-year old office worker living in Tokyo. Thinking that Akimitsu looks like a handsome guy from a manga, Moka takes an instant liking to him. However, her diary says that “this story has not begun yet.” Led by the diary, she once again heads into the bamboo grove. Waiting for Moka there is Koyo Momota, a 23-year old medical school student living in Aichi prefecture. While surprised by the appearance of a second man, Moka engages him in lively conversation.

the future diary 2

The men look toward their first “double” date without knowing about their rival. Will Moka be able to date both without them realizing it? This exciting story unfurls from Episode 1.

With completely different date plans, the two men take very different approaches when trouble occurs. Moka’s heart wavers as she compares the two men. As she chooses one, The Future Diary leads these three toward a new direction.

Split between “Team Koyo,” which finds his fresh and unaccustomed nature to be cute, and “Team Akimitsu,” which claims that “Aki” is better at driving conversations, the host DAIGO and studio regulars Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Satoshi Mukai (of the comedy trio Panther), Mizuki Itagaki, and Miyu Honda chat it up after watching the footage.

Learning about their rival, both Akimitsu and Koyo flip the switch and spend time with Moka while fully aware of each other. While their personalities and backgrounds are completely different, as all three participants spend time together, the relationship between the two men begins to change from simply being rivals. 

However, waiting at the end is the predetermined “farewell” by the future diary. What decision will they make?

The bittersweet lyrics and refreshing melody of the theme song “Ashita no kimito” by Yuzu, a Japanese pop rock duo,  nestles in all three of their hearts and sets the mood for the story. “You can’t go back after you start watching it!” declares Yuzu, who are absorbed in The Future Diary. Enjoy their theme song along with the moments of “wavering hearts” that, according to Yuzu’s Yujin Kitagawa, you can only find in The Future Diary. 

Netflix Reality Series The Future Diary Season 2, streaming worldwide, only on Netflix

Release schedule: Episodes 1-4 on Tuesday, May 17 / Episodes 5-6 on Tuesday, May 24 / Episodes 7-9 on Tuesday, May 31

Watch the trailer:

Watch the interview with Yuzu:

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