Pompo: The Cinephile [Movie Review]

A famous movie producer gives her young production assistant a chance to direct his first film.

Pompo: The Cinephile is the anime film for all films makers or film enthusiasts. Why? This film not only bring every technical term and amazing cinematography in it but an amazing story within the film.

This film is like watching two movies at the same time because is a movie within the movie. From its beautiful animation and transitions to its gorgeous storytelling. You have fun and as well you will get emotional.

One of the things this film has is it’s bright and eye catching colors and how they imagined how some things happen in the mind of an film maker and or producer.

The story is not complex is a simple story with a lot of meaning behind it. Where you as the audience will have moments where you will say this is my muse or it’s time to shine and move forward with your goals.

As well the well use of all the characters that we see. You can identify yourself to all of them or to some due to the realistic vide that this story brings. Plus you will crave the chance to see the film inside the film.

Pompo brings to the table life like characters that you as the audience can identify yourself. Weather it’s the filmmaker, producer, or actor you can see the human experience in this film and enjoy how life like the characters are.

One thing that i can add to this is the feelings you go through watching Pompo The Cinephile. Why? You get the feeling of joy and deception but the same time you feel the motivation to follow your dream and make them happen this film brings that much emotion personally.

Pompo: The Cinephile is a must watch Extraordinary film that will send your mind to fight for your goals or inspire you to make a film or to make content. This can be the muse for Film Maker and much more.


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