Picando Alante [Movie Review]

Hoping to solve their financial crisis, Marysol and her family start growing cannabis. The adventure could bring them closer, or be their demise.

Picando Alante is a film that has everything you want plus a very interesting thing in the end where keeps you thinking is there gonna be more or it ends here?

This film has a slow pacing at first but when everything start kicking in you as the audience start getting tense on your seat. That is when you just sit down relax and enjoy the show.

This film being and adaptation from a theater play they did an amazing job to highlight each and every character and it’s story that could be an event that can happen to anyone.

This film has many great scenes that you can kinda tell that they were inspired by some other films. Still there are many of them that you cam say that they are impressive too the eye.

One of the main executions i would say that was impressive was the point that even thou their is comedy in the film is not forced it flowed with the story and you do have some laughs but as well you keep the tone.

Picando Alante is an amazing film with great characters and a mayor big twist in the end that keeps you as the audience thinking is it the ending or is there more to come?


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