Pálpito [Series Review]

Simón’s wife was killed to extract her heart and transplant it to Camila, the wife of a rich man. In search of revenge, he dives into the dangerous world of organ trafficking.

Pálpito a series that you can say it starts with a slow heartbeat. This series brings to the table a big theme and a big twist in the end plus throughout the plot line.

Having some interesting takes on what they wanted to bring in the plot but starting with a slow start with the first couple of episodes and not kicking in until almost half way through the series.

Even thou the cast did a phenomenal job in bringing these characters to life and as well making sure that you as the audience are in tension and or hating some of the characters.

Having a very interesting storyline and keeping the pace to have one interested in it. Having many other problems and or plot lines in the mix but made correctly and making sure that the series has a conclusion for some of them and continue with other ones.

Having an open ending to continue with a second season and as well keeping you with the tension of what is gonna happen next. Well thought out and making sure that we as an audience are in tension in a good way.

Pálpito even thou it starts with a slow beat and the building up the storyline it gets interesting half way through the series. Atleast they should do better in that equation for the Upcoming season.

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