Moon Knight [Series Review]

Steven Grant discovers he’s been granted the powers of an Egyptian moon god. But he soon finds out that these newfound powers can be both a blessing and a curse to his troubled life.

Moon Knight is one of the new series brought to you by Marvel. Testing the waters in a more dark and gritty superhero and seeing how the audience receives our newly introduced hero and story.

This series is an introduction to Moon Knight and how Marc Spector gets his powers from an Egyptian God. As well as how our hero has a very severe multi-personality disorder.

Moon Knight starts with some well-presented first episodes but one gets intrigued by the plot line around episode 3 till the end. Even thou finishing this series makes one understand why the slow passing.

Oscar Issac and the whole cast made and brought a phenomenal performance to this series. Seeing how Oscar could change from character to character and as well Ethan Hawke bringing his charm and charisma to the table. Especially May Calamawy with her charms and badass showcase.

Marvel is going off their comfort zone with this series and is doing a great job at it. It would be nice to see this in the MCU or have a different approach to these Dark and Gritty Marvel Characters. There is an audience for these characters and as well on how Doctor Strange was Dark, we can add this to the MCU.

Even thou this series was a slow start but still has a very compelling and interesting story. Plus you keep wanting more when you have a major finale for the series. Not only that even seeing a different style on how Marvel makes their series.

Hope that we see more of this dark side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus more of these amazing characters should have the light to be in the small and big screens.

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