‘The Marked Heart’ Will Continue to Steal Hearts With a New Season

After becoming a global hit just days after its premiere on Netflix, the story of Camila Duarte, Zacarías Cienfuegos and Simón Duque will continue to get viewers’ hearts racing in a new season of The Marked Heart.

This Colombian series, starring Ana Lucía Domínguez, Michel Brown and Sebastián Martinez, and which has been #1 in the Top 10 non-English language TV titles on Netflix in over 68 countries, is the brainchild of Venezuelan writer Leonardo Padrón, who, in addition to being a screenwriter and executive producer of The Marked Heart, recently signed an exclusive three-year creative deal with Netflix for series and movies.

“I am delighted and honored by the responsibility that Netflix has given me, to continue telling stories that capture the public’s attention. The Marked Heart proves once again that productions made in Latin America also have worldwide appeal. These are projects that are unique but at the same time also universal, involving a wide range of local talent both in front of and behind the camera. They are stories that depict the world in a fascinating and exciting way,” Leonardo Padrón commented regarding this deal.

Roberto Stopello, VP of Series in Latin America at Netflix, also added:

“Working with a creator of Padrón’s professional standing provides us with the opportunity to create profound, dizzying, innovative and impactful stories. We are very excited to continue bringing our Latin American content to the world as we are with The Marked Heart”.

Leonardo Padrón

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