Janice Kamya Kavander joins Netflix series The Playlist in lead role and performs music in the show

April 29, 2022 — Today, Netflix announced that the Swedish artist Janice Kamya Kavander is joining the lead cast in the upcoming drama series The Playlist. The series will also feature three tracks performed by Janice.

The Playlist is a fictional drama series about the Swedish start-up that shook the entire music industry and evolved into becoming one of the world’s leading music services – Spotify. Janice Kamya Kavander, known to her fans simply as Janice, is playing one of the lead roles as the singer Bobbie T. 

– It’s an absolute dream come true to be a part of the main cast of The Playlist! I’m so grateful that I got to play Bobbie T, a character I really connected with. Alongside a cast of brilliant actors, directed by the exceptional Per-Olav Sørensen. I couldn’t be more excited for this series to come out, says Janice Kamya Kavander.

– The Playlist is at its very core a story about music. Portraying in fiction how Spotify changed the music industry is impossible without the perspective of the artists, and our character Bobbie T is representing their voices in this story. Janice has brilliantly taken on this role with authenticity and passion and I am amazed by her performance. She is also performing three songs for the series, one of which she has written herself. Her talent, her natural presence on camera and her voice heightens the show immensely. I can’t wait for everyone to experience it later this year, says director Per-Olav Sørensen.

The Playlist is set to launch exclusively on Netflix during 2022, and the following lead cast members has previously been announced:

  • Edvin Endre (Vikings) as Daniel Ek
  • Ulf Stenberg (Beartown) as Per Sundin 
  • Gizem Erdogan (Love & Anarchy, Caliphate) as Petra Hansson
  • Joel Lützow (Gåsmamman) as Andreas Ehn
  • Christian Hillborg (The Last Kingdom) as Martin Lorentzon

The Playlist will also feature Valter Skarsgård, Amy Deasismont, Hanna Ardéhn, Ella Rappich, and the Norwegian actress Agnes Kittelsen in supporting roles.

The series centers around the young Swedish tech entrepreneur, Daniel Ek and his key partners who revolutionized a whole industry by offering free and legal streamed music around the world. It is a story about how hard convictions, unrelenting will, access and big dreams can help small players challenge the status quo by evolving the way we can all listen to music. 

The Playlist will consist of six forty-five minute episodes – and is produced by Yellow Bird UK, a Banijay Group company. 


Creative team

Director: Per-Olav Sørensen (Quicksand, Home for Christmas and Nobel)

Head Screenwriter: Christian Spurrier

Co-writers: Sofia Forsman & Tove Forsman

Executive Producer: Berna Levin 

Producer: Eiffel Mattsson

Development Producer: Luke Franklin

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