Señorita 89 [Series Review]

In a seeming paradise, 32 beauty queens arrive for three-months of grooming before competing to become Miss Mexico.

Señorita 89 is a series that will take you to the darkest part of trying to be Miss Mexico. How a group of 32 girls are trying to make it in this beauty pageant to represent Mexico and how sexist and Toxic masculinity affect their life in the 80’s.

This series when you see the trailer a first time you think this if going to be like a Miss Congeniality type of series. But when you start it’s just another world of its own, where you are immersed as a viewer to see how this world works.

Every episode is narrated and as well you go to the background stories of certain cast members and see how they go in the mix of trying to be Miss Mexico. Where each one has a unique story but in the end all of them go through a Toxic Male character.

Having a very intrigued plot where you think everything will be just beauty pageant it turns out to be a Nightmare. Where you see how in front of the female contestants are judged by their look and as well treated like slaves of their bodies and how they have to go through changes without consent.

This series touches a-lot of topics that are still ongoing now a days in this era. Plus how some men abuse their political power and money thinking that they can have what they want and control the world.

This series will have you by the toes from the start to the ending. Not only that having a very open ending maybe notting that their will be a second season. But still a satisfying one if it doesn’t happen. Fully recommend a watch for this series.

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