Elite Season 5 [Series Review]

When three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

This season of Elite was just the same thing as the previous season. Not bringing new to the table just another bland plot and no character development and just a repeated plot line once again.

We come back with the same scenario someone died and someone is taking the blame or are freaking out for the situation. Same as the previous seasons same plot line or start of the story.

While the original cast was little by little changing or leaving from the series in this season we only have three of the Original cast and the rest of the previous season. Plus we have a couple of new faces.

All the characters have no character development in this whole season. We can say that maybe one or two do have a certain development and have a good ending or start of their story.

But seeing that this season was just to add the same story to all the characters was a waste of a season. This season should’ve been a more character driven story go more in deff in their background and put them in teenager situations.

Elite had a great run in the first three seasons and the short stories. But this season i can say that I myself wasn’t intrigued in the story and in the series. They could’ve done something better to keep the fans and the audience.

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