Fantastic Beast: The Secret Of Dumbledore [Movie Review]

Albus Dumbledore assigns Newt and his allies with a mission related to the rising power of Grindelwald.

Fantastic Beast: The Secret Of Dumbledore was a great culmination of this franchise if by any chance we don’t get to have a fourth film.

Despite the fact that they should’ve given us a scene were Grindelwald would say a line where why his appearance is different. Still the performance of Mads was extraordinary like the other cast members.

Seeing more of the Wizardry World was a touch that i didn’t expected. Getting to see more of this world and having the experience of new spells and a lot of magic was really an interesting take.

Plus keeping it’s theme of Fantastic Beast seeing more creatures of this world is fun and great because it stays in theme in regards of the character Newt. Having him still the mayor highlight of the plot line even thou you have a mayor character of the Harry Potter series.

One this that i would say is that the film was a little slow to resolve the end game of the plot. Even thou it has it explanation of the why. Still made the film a little slow. Certain Scenes could’ve been shorter.

Still being the best one of the three films. This one will take you farther to the Wizardry World and as well will culminate certain questions you have and keep you satisfied if Warner doesn’t make a fourth film for this franchise.

In all is a fun ride and a great finale for this franchise. Plus getting to see how everything pans out and gets all together is a fun ride.


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