The latest installment of HBO’s hit comedy series Entre Nos will debut FRIDAY, MAY 6 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT), on HBO Latino and will stream on HBO Max. Tune in to ENTRE NOS: CARMEN AND ALFRED to watch LA-based comedians Carmen Morales and Alfred Robles offer their peculiar advice on Latinidad, family and relationships.

Get ready for the most uproarious history lesson ever, outlandish ideas for your next funeral and questionable dating tips. With ENTRE NOS: CARMEN AND ALFREDwe welcome Morales and Robles to the Entre Nos comedy family as two of the most exciting up-and-coming artists of today. Performed in front of a live audience in New York’s Chelsea Music Hall, HBO’s stand-up series Entre Nos will entice audiences to come back for more.

HBO’s beloved Entre Nos series features performers such as Ian Lara, Gina Brillon, Chris Estrada and Shayla Rivera. It includes “The Winners 2” (2021), “What She Said”(2021), “LA Meets NY” (2020),“The Winners” (2020), “About Last Night” (2019), “Spot On” (2019), “The Series” (2018), Part 4 (2018),Part 3 (2018),Part 2 (2017) and Part 1 (2017).

Also streaming on HBO and HBO Max are the seven standalone Entre Nos Presents comedy specials: “Frankie Quiñones: Superhomies”(2021), “Nick Guerra: Love Me at My Worst”(2020), “Shayla Rivera: It’s Not Rocket Science”(2020), “Jerry Garcia: It’s Not My Weekend” (2019), “Gina Brillon: Easily Offended”(2019), “Erik Rivera: Super White” (2019) and“Orlando Leyba: Adorable” (2018).


Carmen Morales’ captivating style incorporates opinionated quick wit and outlandish ideals and perfectly combines her assertiveness, likeability and vulnerability. International audiences adore her stand-up.

Carmen performs stand-up on HBO, Showtime, IFC, Freeform and Hulu. She tours around the country performing at clubs, theaters, colleges, military bases and regularly at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA.

Carmen loves to perform at festivals and has headlined the San Diego Comedy Festival, Altercation Comedy Festival and the Scruffy City Comedy Festival. She’s been heard on “Netflix is a Joke” on Sirius XM radio, on “The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz,” “Getting Doug with High” and on her own hit podcast, “No Sir I Don’t Like it.”


After getting kicked out of the police academy, Alfred Robles rose to become one of the hottest young comedians in the country. Two years into his comedy career, Alfred was featured in the hit show “Loco Comedy Jam” and the Latino Laugh Festival. The only comedian on all three seasons of “Stand Up Revolution” on Comedy Central, he is now on a worldwide tour with Gabriel Iglesias.


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