The Guardian of Justice [Series Review]

When their seemingly fearless leader self-destructs, a team of troubled superheroes must confront festering evil in the world – and in themselves.

The Guardians Of Justice a series where is like a parody of DC superheroes with a mayor twist. A series where they mix Live Action and other methods of cinema like 2-D animation and CGI.

This series from the start has an interesting take from having the leader and savior of earth eliminated from the start. But from there on everything is mixed up with politics and Nuclear warfare. Where again at the start was making sense but then it goes to a big mess.

You can as well tell that this series wanted you as the viewer to notice how they represent all of your favorite heroes in a way. You can enjoy each one of them but at the same time you will hate them as well.

The series bring a nice touch in regards of it’s cheesy cinematography but it’s on purpose that it does that. As well how they transition from live action to a different style of cinema in a minor of seconds that is one of the biggest highlights of the show.

The plot was really good until it became more of an agenda series than just keeping that Superhero aspect of the show. When you notice that this is not giving you a proper message and it’s more of a well this is the plot take it. There is when the interest goes away.

The cast of this series did what they could to save it. Because without them this plot would have been well just another superhero series.

The Guardians Of Justice is just a show to add to the mix the superhero series hype. This series is mostly interesting in the cinematography aspect but from the rest is just their in your streaming feed.

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