The Bubble [Movie Review]

A group of actors and actresses stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel attempts to complete a film.

The Bubble a film that touches bases on what was happening during the pandemic when studios wanted to continue to make their films on time in a comedy aspect.

This film from the start you can tell this is not a serious film and that is by far bad. Even thou it has the cast that it has is amazing but it doesn’t save the film on how bad this film is.

What this film brought to us is a very big comedy flop in regards to the Pandemic situation from when it was hard to make films. Still as well mocking actual situación that did happen in many film sets.

Plus having an A-list cast that can be very adaptive to what they wanna bring to the table i will say that the script of the film felt like a script that was just given and not check then produced.

The Bubble had very minor comedic moments and the jokes were really horrifyingly bad. The humor felt more pushed than natural from other films that have the same concept in their film.

This film i really don’t recommend it from a bad script to forced humor it’s sad to see some high cast members be doing this film. Plus way to long for what we received in those almost 3 hours.

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