Bel-Air Season 1 [Series Review]

The journey of a street smart teen whose life is forever transformed when he moves from the streets of west Philadelphia to live with his relatives in one of LA’s wealthiest suburbs.

Bel-Air a very different approach to Fresh Prince. From being a simple youtube pilot to becoming a full on series and with a really interesting approach to what the classic series was.

Having all of the characters and counting from the Original series and having a different approach to what we remember from the Fresh Prince is a fresh take and i would say that this series touches bases with things that are happening now a days.

Seeing how the cast members bring to life All these characters and as well how they are all involved in the plot-line and how every tiny detail affects each one of them and how they all complement each other in the story they are telling.

Really love the way all the cast has this chemistry with each other and how they live up to each one of their characters as well. How you as a fan of the OG series would say yea this is how i would see them act or say this is a new take for the character and it makes sense.

Bel-Air’s only issue i would say is that they went too quickly into having many mayor plot points in the story that were too quick. When in the Fresh Prince it took a while for some of the mayor plot point to be presented and executed.

But above that Bel-Air is a great show and the cast is amazing and specially when you see OG cast members being part of this series as well. Even thou it has its flaws plot wise due to many issues going on way too fast this is a must watch.

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