Cobra Kai S4 [Series Review]

Decades after their 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout, a middle-aged Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence find themselves martial-arts rivals again.

Cobra Kai Season 4 what a difference with the previous season like from a-lot. Where you can tell that they wanted to have more of a balance within the development of certain characters plus bringing a new character in the mix.

Bringing back one of the villains from the Kárate Kid franchise Terry Silver where we see that he has kinda changed his look and his style of living from the past. In the development of this season we do see Daniel and Johnny trying to work together due to the deal that they made to John crease from Cobra Kai that if they win the All Valley they need to quit Kárate and their Dojo’s.

Bringing fourth a new character Kenny that has a slight same story as Daniel but with a twist instead of having Karate training with Mr. Myagi he went through the whole Cobra Kai treatment. It’s like imagine if Daniel Larusso would’ve given in full to Cobra Kai in the Third film.

This season highlights not only Kenny. Brings life to Tory and Hawk this season made sure to give a big development to these two characters and give them a nice touch and show us that they can bring a bigger backstory to these characters.

Hawk being a villain in the previous seasons to being the Hero and the champion. Not only that bringing the subject of being someone that you are not just for show and then showing the world who you really are. Plus with Tory having her character struggling with her family plus her poor choice then realizing that not everyone is their to attack her plus in the final episode she being a bigger fighter.

Let’s not forget those amazing two episode finale where we see everyone give their in the tournament and specially in those fight sequences. It was great to see the All Valley change it up with the skill exercises bringing a new touch not only the fighting. Plus having that tension from Larusso still thinking about the Myagi way and see his daughter change it up and noticing that Johnny’s Training is a good influence and it can be a Balance.

This season not only brought great development with some characters and a bigger story but it brought great action set pieces in the fights and in bringing more story to our main character Johnny. Even thou this series still has its cheesy scripts and some cringe scenes it still brings Alot to the table when it’s too continue this story of Karate Kid.

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