Don’t Look Up [Movie Review]

Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

Don’t Look Up is a film that touches up many topics on how our world and media work in many situations. You can tell that the Director tried to bring many things to the table but their is no linear plot for one to follow.

This story where it mixes science and a comet plus how media and social media work to cover up big situations. Plus as well mixing in politics and the government and how they work their way for themselves.

This plot is everywhere their is no linear story to follow up upon. It’s a two hour mess of a film with great banter and comedy plus having very lightly touch up topics that actually happen in our daily life.

The cast in this film is outstanding and amazing they bring lots in the table and bring life to this film and make it a little slight more interesting than what is presented. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Dicaprio took this film to another level. But as well Merly Streep gave a great performance.

A film with non forceful comedy and a lot of banter in things that happen in our society right now. This is more of a popcorn movie just to sit down and relax.

Don’t Look Up is movie that wants to send many messages but it’s execution is less than minimal to bring the statements to the table. But either way this film is fun and you can enjoy the jokes and the cast on how they execute their performance.

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