Oat Studio [Short Films Review]

Director Neil Blomkamp Produces Short Films with a Post Apocalyptic world.

Oats Studio is a 10 short film series just like Love Death and Robots. But this one has a same theme that is Post-Apocalyptic and each short film is different in exception Adam that it has a certain connection.

Some of the short films have that indirect feel like of sending you the viewer a message of how media and technology is not what it seems. Like using your political power for own gain or selling certain items as if they were perfect.

At the same time other shorts have this full feel of a world that has been through a-lot and it’s come to get us or that technology overpowered humanity. Some of the shorts were taste of great ideas that could be full length films.

Even though their were great shorts some of them were a little down low with the CGI even thought they do send a message but I think they could’ve done a better job with the CGI. But still it was fun too watch.

Oats Studio Volume One has amazing ideas that can be turned to full length films and as well can be series. Fresh stories that were amazing and out of the box. Hope that volume two comes with a bang.

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