The Unforgivable [Movie Review]

A woman is released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent crime and re-enters a society that refuses to forgive her past.

The Unforgivable is a very interesting film where it takes you to the Psyche of Ruth Slather played by Sandra Bullock. Not only this film keeps you intense it as well makes you see how things are when someone gets out of prison. This film can keep you in your seat from start to finish.

You can see the struggles that Ruth Slater (Sandra bullock) she trying to get her second chance to be able to see someone she has been trying to contact for the time she has been in prison. In the course of the film, you can see glimpses of a type of PTSD and it was well done on how to picture someone with this disorder.

This film not only Sandra brought this film to life but as well the rest of the cast that you barely see them but their purpose on this film makes it more interesting and gives life to the story. Throughout the film, you can feel how the characters feel in regard to the situation.

Throughout the film, you not only follow Sandra Bullocks Character you follow her Sister that has been through a trauma and how they showed how she goes with it and how correctly they show it in the film.

I have gotta say that this film brings a great character study not only on how you as a sister or family member can make a drastic sacrifice to save someone from a mistake or an accident. As well you can see how that can affect your future and the other person’s life as well.

The twist, in the end, is when you see the full resolution in the film is that Ruth Slater is just trying to contact her sister because she was the one that shot a cop in the incident. There is where you as the audience can realize why she was trying to work hard to meet her sister and as well to make sure that she isn’t got a trauma.

The Unforgivable film is an outstanding and mesmerizing film. Even though the film lacks a good plot and execution you can feel what the director was trying to do in this story. Sandra Bullock’s performance was amazing. Even when this film is not as memorable as it should be but it gives us a good story.

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