JUSTICE LEAGUE 2017 [Movie Review]

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.

Justice League was a disappointment to many fans of DC and the DC Comics universe. Seeing that there were many changes in the tone of the filming, there were many things that the filming did not have as in their past filming as BVS & amp; Man Of Steel that there was drama and history.

This filming has a lack of history and drama there was no meaning in why the antagonist Steppenwolf came to destroy planet earth, although he does give us a reason why he wants to raise his mother and obtain the power of the Mother Box plus call Darkseid. But with everything and that in the filming, there was nothing that gave us more than that to create drama or history.

Besides the fact that in all the filming there was no fixed tone all the time there was a change of tone, a serious moment, and a moment with a joke that if you are not a fan of DC or you know what the community thinks of other characters you will not understand them. More than humor was everywhere more in characters than they in the comics and in their future filming they are not so funny in their roles.

In short, the filming has a few scenes that are epic that bring it to life but were not well executed in the absence of which most were Re-shoots. For example, the scene when Superman picks up Batman and asks him “Do You Bleed?” They would have made that scene more epic with a more personal touch between the characters but they don’t take the scene from serious to a humorous scene with Batman saying the following “Well Something Else Is Bleeding”. Why does there have to be humor in an epic scene?

One scene that disappointed me a lot was the one with Aquaman when he goes to Atlantis to protect the Mother Box. Why do Aquaman and Mera have to make a bubble in order to talk? Not only that, the scene was very short, it did not give us a break to see Atlantis or see how more or less we are going to see Atlantis in the next filming.

In the past filming as BVS & amp; Man Of Steel one sees the dark tone that Zack Snyder brings to his filming in Justice League there was no justice. Because I say this in the last scene when we have the entire team fighting Steppenwolf there are no people in the area that the antagonist chose. But when Zodd invaded planet earth between him and his goons, they destroyed the metropolis between their fights and we see many people suffer but in Justice League, it was an abandoned place.

Also, there was no justice with our favorite characters they made Barry Allen look too much like Wally West with many jokes also not as strong and independent as Flash really is. Not only Flash we go now with Aquaman a strong character in the comics and serious in this filming was the opposite and what is going to happen when we see Aquaman in the filming of Jame Wong is it not going to affect the audience?

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