HISTERICA [Short Film review] FCDHV

This short Documentary brings to life the meaning of the word Histérica a popular word in the vocabulary of the Puertorican. Here the director Arleen Cruz-Alicea brings to us what the word mean to the puertorican woman.

While we hear the monologue of what this word means and as well the explanation of how powerful it can be to unite and empower Woman to march and fight for their rights they show us in visuals of the woman march in 2017-2018.

As well Arleen gives us how people specially men use this word to have an excuse when woman want to speak for themselves and want to give a point or explain what they are thinking about.

Histérica is a great and amazing short documentary very powerful and brings a big and different meaning to the word with the simple video clips and the crisp audio makes this documentary a great watch.

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