CHUCKY [Series Finale Review]

Chucky series was an amazing adventure and a thrill ride to see our favorite Good Boy. This series not only brought back the feeling of a good horror series it brings as well more than classic slasher in the series plus having more back story to our character Chucky.

This series brought to us a great touch in where we have included a great story and a lot of nostalgia but to add more backstory for Chucky. Plus a great way to bring us new characters to this new world and take of Chucky because in this series we see that more happened in the previous films than we think.

The character in the series was a nice way to bring to us a Rated R scooby doo gang. Because it feels like these kids after you see them go through so much and look at them unite to defeat Chucky and not only that all of them with various types of attitudes and personalities.

Having the classic cast back for this series was a very nice take and as well it didn’t feel like they added them to just bring nostalgia bait to the series. Having Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent, and Fiona Dourif. They give so much life to the series in the end and as well the kid cast that they make the show like I mentioned before a Rated R Scooby-Doo.

This series added a lot to the lore of the Good Boy Chucky and not only that this series finale showed us what might happen to the future of this show and as well what to expect. If the showrunner keeps the same essence from this season and just adds a little more spice to the next season it will be a great ride.

One thing that I can say is that this series has certain moments where they are repetitive but in the end, they pay off that the main character and Chucky. That is the start when you see these coming you will not enjoy it but you will understand when you keep building up in the series.

Chucky brought us not only a thriller series this was a hell of a ride and a super fun take and an interesting way to bring Chucky back to the screen. If you like horror and slashers this is the series for you. Don’t miss out on the new characters and not only that having a great path for a bright future for Chucky.

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