OKJA [Movie Review]

A young girl risks everything to prevent a powerful, multinational company from kidnapping her best friend – a fascinating beast named Okja.

Okja’s filming story is a great story of how companies always try to make things look good but they are wrong. The premise of how the director took this story and that, in the end, leaves you thinking is something that few films do.

The casting decision was very good to choose high-quality actors and actresses and make the new ones shine high. More than the actors who are not recognized, they did a phenomenal job that surprised me by their characters.

The camera shots are a little different from what one sees in movies but in all the shots it was something that caught my attention more when it came to the action scenes than the movement of the camera behind the actor but with the CGI it was great.

The plot of the filming makes you think and analyze how things can change and that everything is not always good what you see on television.

the editing of this film was not so good. There were occasions that the cuts of the filming were not the best and there were few times that the scenes or they made sense to me.

Okja is unique and powerful filming in the plot that he wants to carry out. The action and emotional scenes are scenes that you take to heart and you fall in love with Okja and the protagonist. But the growth of most of the characters is important and attracts attention.

Okja film is unique and it is a film that I do recommend for you to see. It is worth sitting down and watching this story grow in you for as long as you are watching it.

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