Simulacros De Liberación [Movie Review]

In the wake of climate change, a new social movement emerges in Puerto Rico to protest austerity measures imposed by US colonial forces.

Simulacros de liberación what an amazing documentary about the movements that took place here in my island of Puerto Rico. Where we as people have been fighting for so long with an economic crisis, budget cuts, hurricane and corruption in the government and much more.

Director Juan C. Davila shows us in depth his experience and the expressions from the Puertorican people their words on how they have made these movements to share some light to the things that are happening in our island.

Having interviews with Movement leaders and Lawyers that are by their side to show our people the things that the government is doing to our island and that not everything they say is what they PROMISE.

Juan not only showed us here the manifestations. He even showed us how people united when Hurricane Maria hit us and how we the people of Puerto Rico moved forward in helping each other while the government just gave us little to survive.

How as well the government wanted to change the school system and the emotions of not only the teachers even the emotions of university students. How these small groups made communities to help one another and even creat housing for the Puertoricans that lost their homes by Maria.

Juan gave a full experience in this documentary where you can feel the struggles of the things that happen in Puerto Rico and as well re-live certain memories of these things. This documentary was extraordinary and very informative it gives you chills to re-live all of these things that happen and will continue to happen because we the people continue to fight.

Simulacros De Liberación is a documentary that shows you the real truth about what happen in Puerto Rico and how people felt. How this island can move forward with its own people. How the government doesn’t care about what happens yo their people and how they just want to add more to their wallets. This is a documentary too watch.

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