TICK TICK BOOM [Movie Review]

On the cusp of his 30th birthday, a promising young theater composer navigate love, friendship, and the pressures of life as an artist in New York City.

Tick Tick Boom this musical isn’t like other films that I have seen before the feeling that I got with this one was a little more different than let’s say The Greatest Showman. This one hit me a little more to the personal level because it felt more like a minor wake-up call and a shot of Don’t Give Up on your dreams.

This film has memorable music that you can enjoy throughout the whole film and not only that you can enjoy the music even when you finish the film. The music was a combination of classical and then modern-day music not only that having this feeling that you were there with the actors in the set listening to them live.

The story of the film was a slight everywhere but when you notice that this is not only about the story is about what it becomes in the future of the main actor and as well it’s casts members. You start to see things a little more differently. Why? because you not only feel the compassion of Andrew Garfield’s character you also feel the pain of Alexandra Shipp’s character as well.

You fall in love with all the characters of the main storyline even having that slight connection with the ones that don’t appear that much on the screen. Tick Tick Boom is not only a musical film this is more than that is a look at life like not a lot of people see anymore. Taking that chance to be something bigger or to follow your dreams plus shows you what cost it can have as well when you chase your dreams.

Lin Manuel Miranda as his directorial debut this one he made some noise. This film has a sense of Broadway and cinema at the same time. he didn’t bring anything new at least in my sense of this film to the table but he did an amazing job bringing this story to life and it’s a great start for Lin Manuel.

Tick Tick Boom is a film to enjoy and dance to the music enjoy the story and the history of the man that brought to life Rent, Johnathan Larson. Plus the cast was simple and amazing work by Andrew Garfield. This is a great musical film of this year.

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