ARCANE Season 1 [Series Finale Review]

Arcane season finale or if you call it Act 3. This series has the most amazing finale pay-off that I have ever seen and this is just season one because as soon as the series ended they announced the next day that season two is in production.

This series not only brought us the storyline of two characters and the development of a whole city but also gave us a background of what might be season two for this series. Having these final three episodes where we see the continuation of developing the side characters and still adding more and more to VI and Jinx.

This series has given us a huge presentation of a big broader universe inside League Of Legends where in this series sometimes they mention other cities and places but we don’t see them. But you can feel that this series is Lager than life.

One thing that not many series can do well is how you can use secondary characters to add more to the storyline of the series as well as having a big pay-off where you as a viewer can feel that their will be more to see in the future. As well where you can not only follow the main character but as well follow others for a bigger world and situation.

Arcane is a series that has so much feeling to it and you as a viewer can fall in love with any character that has been presented and as well as a fan you have that feeling that there is more than meets the eye when you see this series. Like you have small hints of characters that might be hidden in this series and the small easter eggs of some other characters that aren’t in the series.

You can enjoy this series being a fan of League of legends or as well using this series to start joining this huge universe of Riot Games. Plus giving us different types of feelings within the character where you can identify with them and see their point of view in the series.

Season One of Arcane was a thrill ride and a journey with our favorite characters from League Of Legends. As well as a series that captivates you in the world and in its storyline where you not only see the issues of Zaun with our main character but as well with our secondary characters that have an addition to the story and its pay-off.

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