RED NOTICE [Movie Review]

An Interpol agent tracks the world’s most wanted art thief.

Red Notice is one of the most expensive films from the streaming platform Netflix I gotta say that this wasn’t the film that I was expecting. Having big names behind this film and what a letdown this was.

having a storyline that didn’t know where to go and what to be. If they would’ve maintained a simple story like that you can drive these characters forward but having this film trying to be James Bond, Indiana Jones, and other films. Red Notice is just everywhere.

Having the most non-driven script with these actors. why? Because even with Ryan Reynolds jokes threw the whole film felt pushed not natural like other films that he has made like his recent Hit Free Guy. Where the dialogue was really boring in this film and not that enjoyable.

Having some bad CGI and a lot of similar scenes from other films like True Lies and Fast and the furious. But in all this film didn’t try to show their effort to give us a great quality film because not even in the set’s they show us thru out the film.

Having such an elite cast but this film feels short with what they wanted to bring us to the table. In the mind of your Normal viewer, this film did what it should do that brings us entertainment but in the end, as a film critic, this film was not good.

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