The Night House [Movie Review]

A widow begins to uncover her recently deceased husband’s disturbing secrets.

The Night House what a film to just have so many questions on what happen in that time you were watching it. I mean just having a chance tp process everything that happens and trying to solve what is going on.

Looking in to what happens to the main character and you as the audience are trying to figure out what is happening is it a mental health issue or is it something more than that?

The Actress in the film did an amazing job to bring froth this story and making the audience feel lost in our mind on what is going on. Even with a simple cast but you can sense ambience of the story.

This film catches that vibe where is it this or that. Why? Because you really don’t know what is going on and that in a Horror film is amazing maybe you might have many questions but in the end that feeling that you really don’t understand what is happening.

One of the things that catches my eye is how interesting it’s lighting and filters where used in the scenes how it brought more life to what we were seeing.

In the end this film kept me with questions on what happened. Still this film had that horror touch and suspense to it that you just want to leave the question of what? In the air.

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