All Too Well [Short Film Review]

This short film will contain the 10 minutes long from the original song and it’s gonna appear on the re-record Red by Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) 2021

All Too Well a song written by Taylor Swift and a as well this short film that is directed by her. Where we have a small short story interpreted by Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brian.

This short film has small dialogue and it runs with Taylor Swifts song “All Too Well”. Showing us that some films don’t need that much dialogue to show us what the director wants to show us.

Having a great and amazing chemistry by Sadie and Dylan showing us the love story. Having amazing simple shots of their lives and how the process of a simple age difference can not always be the best thing.

In the end this short film directed by Taylor Swift brings the whole experience with little dialogue and with simple amazing film shots. Plus the two actors did an amazing job in bringing this story to life.

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