Casa De Papel (Money Heist) S4 [Series Review]

The Plot

An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history – stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain.


The Good

  1. Great Continuation
  2. Amazing Cinematography
  3. Great Action Scene
  4. Unexpected Actions


The Bad

  1. Some Episodes were Bland


Final Verdict

Casa De Papel Season 4 what a great way to start the continuation of the last season showing you the pain that you as a fan of what happen in season 3. Having the chance too get back to this series it’s a blast not only because it’s entertaining is more than that.

This new season was a hell of a ride with some episode that bring you tension on the situation our beloved characters are and what is the next step of the atraco. One thing that they kept going is the part that we relive the past on the past when they long time ago they were planing the same heist before this one. we get to see more about some characters in the group.

Not only that we see throughout the season how this group of people not only have become a strong heist group they have become a family and everyone has emotions for each other and it’s something that should’t have happen like the Professor said once. We see how each other grow in there lives and how attached they are to each other.

Not only we had that connection from all the characters in this season me as a fan i felt the struggle and tension in some episodes when thing got more and more tense in how the story was going forward plus all the surprises on and amazing moments in this season.

One thing that got me off guard was the fact that one of my favorite characters dies in this season even thou she has been threw so much. I was crying for like 3 episodes because it was something i didn’t expect. Plus not only that you see how things escalate from there on. So many things that you didn’t expect from this season.

Another thing is that this season showed us too that the government sometimes work on hiding there things and illegal actions. But we all know that we see that always but this season the topic is really strong and is really interesting how they do it.

What can i say this season was a bundle of joy, sadness, excitement and specially that feeling when you want to make some specific characters leave the show. Plus the ending of this season gives you more questions on what is going to happen because it ends in a way that you don’t expect well a little.


Final Score

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